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Makes Perfect

We help brands in the only way we know – being a true innovation partner. We begin every project by listening, and then get straight into development. Whether you’re looking for a custom formula or revitalizing an existing one, we’re obsessed with delivering the highest quality, most innovative turnkey solutions for our clients, on budget, on time.

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Share Your Vision

Fill out our Product Development Request form to give us an idea as to what you want. Whether a custom formula or existing base, we work together to understand benchmarks, costs, and ingredient lists.


Let Us Do What We Do - Formulate

We conduct research, secure some ingredients, complete regulatory compliance reviews, and our expert chemists put together a formula which we send for your review.


Test, Test, Test

Once the sample is approved, we oversee stability, micro, compatibility, and RIPT testing. Our team makes sure the formula successfully scales from sample to launch


Submit a PO And We Are Off To The Races

Get us a purchase order with a lead time of 6-8 weeks and we’ll begin purchasing ingredients and components and setting our production schedule. Once everything arrives, we produce a batch for your review and upon sign off, send the batch down our filling lines and deliver you a final product

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